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Void (Cancel)

Cancellation of packages that are in the process of waiting for pickup or awaiting delivery.

[POST] /api/mitra/v3/cancel_shipment
  • Requests for cancellation through this API can only be made for packages that have not yet been picked up by the courier.
  • Non-COD packages will undergo a maximum 48-hour queuing process to be fully voided from the system, while COD packages will be canceled immediately.


awbstring(30)falseAWB Number Already Obtained, Not Order ID
reasonstring(min:5,max:200)falseReasons for Cancelling a Package

Example Response

"status": true,
"method": "cancel_shipment",
"text": "Paket akan dibatalkan dalam 2x24jam",
"data": {
"success": "pending",
"date": "2024-06-17 02:00:00"